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Developing a Strategic Plan is an early step in proactive management. Investors, lenders, and potential key employees use the plan to evaluate the business and to predict how likely it is to grow and succeed. The real value of a strategic plan is realized when it spurs to action. Contact us to learn more about planning and managing a winning strategy!

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Business Operations

  • Operational audits
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial benchmarking
  • Strategic planning
  • Interim project management


  • How to prepare to pitch to lenders and investors
  • Financial projections
  • Budgeting

Marketing and sales

  • Value propositions
  • Client relations
  • How to commercialize your product or service
  • Market entry strategies

Management and Leadership

  • Define and clarify the roles of managers and leaders
  • Leadership alignment with company brand and identity

5 ways I can help you promote growth

1. Empower your staff.

Your business should be selling and making money when you are gone.

2. Followup with customers.

Drop them an email or make a quick call to thank them for their purchase and see if they need anything or have questions.

3. Get inside your customers heads.

What do they want? What do they need? What is the best solution you have to offer? DO NOT sell them anything they don’t want or need.

4. Ask customers to send you photos of them enjoying their purchase.

5. Ask your best, most satisfied customers to write a review for your business.

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