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I am Marsha Rinetti, Owner of Cogent Business Consulting, Inc. and I help businesses survive and thrive!

Most businesses suffer from Deferred Maintenance, which is putting up with things that aren’t quite broken, but which are keeping you from excelling. Deferred Maintenance DRAINS money from your business, ERODES quality, DIMINISHES value, causes FRUSTRATION, and can ultimately KILL your business over time.

I can help you get back onto the road to success! I can help you create a plan for continued success, eliminate marketing that is expensive, but not effective, address manual processes that are slow and subject to errors, refresh stale inventory, drum up a plan for client retention, stop losing customers to competition, and find new ways to attract new customers.

– Marsha Rinetti, Owner

With over 15 years of experience as both a business owner and consultant

I can help with things like

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Many problems and obstacles for businesses are the result of reactive management. We help business owners develop proactive management skills that feed a multitude of positive outcomes and results. Our goal is to help business owners get on, or back on, the success track!

The Five Deadly Signs that You’re in Need of Assistance:
– Cash flow issues
– Costly but ineffective marketing
– Process errors and rework
– Stale inventory
– Employee productivity and morale are low and/or turnover is high

The sooner problems are addressed, the more likely and quickly they can be reversed, SO PLEASE DON’T WAIT to contact me if you are experiencing any of these red flags or other issues that inhibit the success you seek.

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It is my job to increase your odds of success
Concept: The Cogent Business risk assessment and action plan will answer questions like these before you make a commitment.
– How viable is your business concept?
– What realistic and data-based assumptions are used to assess viability?
– What is your financial and organizational readiness to launch?

Start-up: In Business for 24 months or less, business owners are stressed, but need to begin the never-ending processes of improvement and momentum.

– Ongoing plan for improvement and/or preventative maintenance.
– A rundown business drops in performance and value!
– Focus on issues within your control.

Early Success: In Business for 2 years to 5 years, success has a hidden risk: people relax when things are good and don’t notice that success is slipping away until it is too late. Without a plan, a business decline is likely

– Stay relevant to hold/grow your space in the market place.
– Review/improve functions to ensure continuous value-added outcomes.

Mature Business, 5+ years: Similar to Early Success : people relax when all is well and they don’t notice the that success is slipping away until it is too late. Ongoing success is especially important for owners of a mature business. Owners who neglect often lock the door and leave with empty pockets. At least 3 years before retirement, owners need a plan in place to ensure their business is in tip-top shape and ready to sell.

What stage are you in? Contact me to develop YOUR PLAN to optimize your business success!

Franklin, TN Strategic Planning Consulting

Developing a good Strategic Plan is an early step in proactive management. Investors, lenders, and potential key employees use the plan to evaluate the business and to predict how likely it is to grow and succeed.

Each strategic plan is unique, but most include these common categories:

– Executive Summary
– Value statement
– Mission statement
– History of the company
– General operations
– Products and services
– Major goals
– SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
– Market and industry
– Marketing and sales
– Competition
– Qualifications of key management personnel


The owner is responsible to communicate with the team to keep them on track. They need to understand the business and how their role and performance drive success. Having them participate in the strategic planning process can be a great catalyst.

Major goals usually have a timeline between two years to five years or more. An action plan is an effective tool to help manage progress on goals.

The action plan must be fluid, ready to adjust to changes in the marketplace.This is a balancing to keep the company is flexible, without reacting to every market blip.

The project leader should measure progress on a daily or weekly basis to ensure minor errors or delays do not derail the project. Frequent review allows for corrections and process improvements along the way.

Upper management will want progress updates monthly or quarterly. List the expenditure required for each action point on the plan.Total the budget at the end of each goal section and provide the total budget for your business action plan at the end. This will allow you to the budgets for multiple projects.

Each quarter, the project will move into a new phase. Your brightest and best resources will be assigned because the project will truly have a positive impact on your business growth and sustainability.

Your Business Plan Will Include the Following:

– An Executive Summary
– An in-depth description of the company, pricing, location, and the overall business operation
– An Industry Outlook
– A Market Analysis
– An Evaluation of the Competitive Environment
– An Assessment of Critical Risks and Solutions
– Management and Personnel Information
– Your Marketing Strategy
– Five Year Financial Projections including:
– Balance Sheets
– Pro Forma Income Statements
– Cash Flow Statements
– Sources and Uses of Funds
– A Breakeven Analysis

Research is Critical

Having the right research to support your concept is essential when presenting a business plan to achieve funding. At Optimus, our suite of tools includes research databases such as IBISWorld and The Brandow Company so that we can include the best data available in your business plan.

our clients have great things to say…

“Marsha was vital in assisting our operations for our company getting off the ground. Her incredible knowledge of business made me appreciate and expedite the launch and successful growth. She is valuable beyond words and I would highly recommend her to any business owner looking to start, grow, and expand their company!”

Aaron Serrano

CEO, Military Cost Cutters

“Marsha guided us through the process of purchasing an existing business, including negotiating the price. We were prepared to step in as soon as the deal closed and make the refinements we wanted. It was exciting but of course it was a little scary too. This is our first time as business owners and Marsha’s professionalism and steady advice was a great help. The Grape Life has exceeded the sales projections and we are happily preparing to celebrate our one year anniversary. Not only are we happy, so is our banker!!”

Diane and Kevin Koster

Owners, The Grape Life

Sleep better at night!

We specialize in helping business owners prepare for and respond to future threats and more. Call us about your worries. Don’t lose another night of sleep!

Learn how business decisions you make now affect outcomes you want in the future.

It is vitally important to have a vision for the future of your business and to consider that vision as you make decisions today.

We navigate you through the tough stuff.

Excess inventory? Slow sales? Unreliable employees? The blizzard that will shut down your region for 3 or 4 days? We’ll keep your business on track!

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Our business is based in Brentwood, Tennessee, and serves the Greater Nashville. We consult with clients in our offices, at their location, and via phone or internet. In addition to one-on-one counseling, we offer strategic planning, operations reviews, workshops and classes.

The Greater Nashville area includes: Franklin, TN, Smyrna, TN, LaVergne, TN, Fairview, TN, Springhill, TN, Murfreesboro, TN, Ashland City, TN, Hendersonville, TN, Madison, TN, Green Hill, TN, Hermitage, TN, Mt. Juliet, TN, Bellevue, TN, Oak Hill, TN, Nolansville, TN, Pasquo, TN, Forest Hills, TN, Green Hills, TN, Antioch, TN, Whites Creek, TN and the Old Hickory, TN area.

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